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  Foul and abusive language and behaviour: Use of bad language or threatening behaviour towards the opposition, between teammates and generally by players, managers and supporters
  Honesty and Fair Play: Claiming for throw-ins/corners unfairly; giving play back to the opposition. Congratulating the opposition on a good piece of play; shaking hands after game.
Home teams:
Making the opposition feel welcome; providing adequate instructions to get to the ground; providing good facilities at the ground; providing food/drink after the game.
  Away Teams: Arriving on time; greeting the opposition; helping with the nets; joining in food/drinks where possible; using own match balls for the game; helping with the organisation of the game.
  General: Allowing early kick-offs; sharing equipment; administering first aid to opposition players.
  Attitude towards the referee: General player attitude including behaviour, aggression, arguing and levels of banter.
  Foul play: Overly aggressive tackling; mistimed challenges; apologising after a poor tackle; any behaviour seen to be “retribution” for an earlier incident
  Team Management: Behaviour of the management before, during and after the game; managing problem players/incidents; arguing with the referee or opposition; shaking hands with opposition after the game.
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Guidelines for scoring REFEREES

A mark of 7 is the standard expected of a Referee ready for upward reclassification. Your impression of the Referee must be based on this performance only.
A whole mark is required based on the overall performance of the Referee using these criteria to arrive at that mark. The mark should also reflect the present classification of the Referee.

  • Four Areas to consider:
  • Application of the LawsManagement of the Match
  • Use of the “Respect” Guidelines
  • Miscellaneous – Arrival time at Match, pre-match checks (pitch, nets etc), pre-match chats with Managers,

If you mark a referee 5 or below, you must submit a report to the SDFPL admin team on why this score is low.
If no report is received the score will automatically be upgraded to 6.

1 A totally unacceptable performance.
2 A very poor performance with an inadequate display of player control and management and an inaccurate application of Law.
3 A poor performance with severe lack of control and player Management and a weak application of Law.
4 An unsatisfactory performance showing deficiencies in player Management and control as well as areas of Law application, which need to be addressed.
5 An adequate performance where some areas of player Management and control as well as Law application require improvement.
6 An average performance with satisfactory Law application, player Management and overall control.
7 A good performance with an effective level of management, control and Law application. Use of “Respect” Guidelines.
8 A very good performance with a high level of player control and management and Law application. Good use of the “Respect” Guidelines.
9 First class match control and player management with an accurate interpretation and application of Law.
10 A faultless performance displaying an excellent level of control, player Management and Law application throughout the game. Excellent use of the “Respect” guidelines.